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Photo Gallery

The girls on the beach in Gulf Shores spring break 2013
Cool picture of Faith on the beach
Hailey and a couple buddies on spring break
Hailey, Faith, and her cousins.
She's lost a lot of hair in the last few months. All in all she's ok with it, but definitely a big change in her look and weight since starting this chemo. Tough to see
the girls were flower girls in a wedding this summer
From one of the Team Hailey supporters... "Just before leaving for Asia 3 weeks ago I came across a Team Hailey bracelet. I put it on and carried it to the top of the mountains in Wolchulsan National Park in Korea. We took a picture of it there. If you Google "cloud bridge Korea" you will see where we were. I also took it to the Great Wall of China and took a picture of it there. At the time, I was thinking that Hailey and her family might appreciate a picture of her bracelet and her story traveling around the world."
Hailey, Krissy, and Great Grandpa finding hickory nuts!
December '09
Faith's Pre-school graduation. The class of 2022!!!
Hailey's got a new big girl bed. Thanks grandpa John!!
Hailey on the phone busy working deals.
Cousin Melissa (lower left) and her work crew proudly wearing their Team Hailey gear! Thanks Mel and friends!
Shannon and Faith before Auntie Amy and Uncle Joe’s wedding.
Faith and Hailey summer of ’08
Faith riding my cousin Angela’s horse
Hailey’s first time ever on a horse! A major moment. She is very tentative about things like this.
Decorating Christmas cookies Dec ’07. In the end, it was a mess!
A chemo session in Madison
This is a picture from the tour of the PLGA specific research program at Dana Farber/Harvard in Boston. From Left to Right...Cousin Michelle, Dr. Chuck Stiles, Tom Look, Cousin Carolyn, and Dr. Mark Kieran. Harvard is "Wicked Smaht" and on the case!
Faith and Hailey
Faith’s guiding hand...
Big sister Faith
Faith and Hailey’s cousins. Brenton, Ava, and Braden
The ladies just after bath
Daddy and his girls...